Dr. Gabriel Cousens Shares How To Be Successful on a Vegan Live Foods Diet


Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Founder and Director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona will share deep details and outstanding tips on how to stay successful on a vegan live foods diet. He has pulled together information not only from a wide array of scientific research studies from the likes of Harvard Medical School and other highly established organizations, but also from living experience as a medical doctor working with thousands of patients over the years at the Tree of Life. At 70, Dr. Cousens rawks the push ups, pull ups and other physical feats with ease, and is a living demonstration of success on a live foods vegan diet. We are so grateful that Dr. Cousens and The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center have elected to sponsor the Raw Living Expo, making it possible for us to produce this outstanding community event.

Also on this show is the illustrious David Kaplan, founder of Divine Organics and Transition Nutrition. Hear about David’s travels to source the most exceptional raw foods from around the world. Divine Organics is Title Sponsor of the Raw Living Expo.

Join Dr. Gabriel Cousens, David Kaplan and all the hosts of our show live at the Raw Living Expo, January 31 to February 2nd in Thousand Oaks, CA along with more than 50 raw foods experts, entertainers and companies who will delight you will rawsome raw foods snacks and meals.

Curious about the offerings of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center? Check it out! Here’s what is up and coming on the roster:

1) Modern Essene Gathering (November 1st – 5th)

2) The Essene programs: November 5th through November 10th (Modern Essene Mastery and Modern Essene Advanced)

3) Portals to Liberation (December 26th through January 6th)

All these programs can be found at DrCousens.com

4) Our next 21-Day Transformation program begins February 8th (the weekend following Raw Living Expo!)

Please visit the website and come join Dr. Cousens at Tree of Life Center US for one of our programs or a Holistic Vegan Vacation or a 10-, 17-, or 24-day Detox! Training programs include a Masters in Spiritual Nutrition, Masters in Veganic Farming, Tree of Life Cafe Apprenticeship, Modern Essene Priesthood Program.

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